Tuesday, June 11, 2013

7 Things: The Playing the Part Edition

1. Author Robin Covington is my chapter-mate, so I am predisposed to like her books.  I'm still not required to. 
2.  As you might suspect from my occasional posts about contests, I volunteer to judge quite a few contests.  Sometimes I judge young adult, since it is an area of familiarity for me, and sometimes I judge other categories. People who see my little rants might wonder why.  And the answer, in addition to helping and supporting things for my chapter and other chapters, is that there are ones you read and you just go - oh my god, where is the rest of it?  (It happened again to me this year on two of them.)  I read Robin's entry in a contest, completely unaware that it was hers and loved it.  I kept an eye peeled when they announced the finalists and was shocked that it didn't final.  (Later Robin said something about research for an actor character and I was like wait, did you write this - I loved it!) 
3. So, okay, I've only read the first thirty pages and that was before it got sold and got an editor and all of that. But seriously guys.  I liked this so much.  (I'm on page 47 of the "real thing" now and yum.)
4. And, rumor has it I'm an evil judge.  (I have actually judged something that finaled twice, but my score was the one that got dropped. And neither of my scores were low, according to me.) 
5. I also have read her other books.  Love. 
6. I don't think Robin sleeps.  She also over at Romance University, Waterworld Mermaids, Happily Ever After, I'm exhausted just thinking about all that.
7. So, the book.  I suppose I should talk about that maybe.  Writer Piper has a romance novel that's being turned into a movie.  Only the usually-does-action-movies guy Mick who is playing the hero is having trouble acting like a romance hero.  So they bring Piper out to coach him.  Sparks ensue.