Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RIP, Mr. Drummond

There were a lot of lovely TV parents in the sitcoms and dramas I watched growing up.  Mr. Drummond in "Different Strokes" was a lovely one.  I remember watching "Different Strokes" as a family and then later on my own.  It addressed a number of issues - and also led to the wonderful spin off of "Facts of Life".  My family watched "Webster" so he wasn't the only parent with what we now sometimes call trans-racial adoptees.  We watched "Silver Spoons" so he certainly wasn't the only rich dad we watched.  And while the specifics of most of the plot lines of "Different Strokes" have disappeared deep into the recesses of my brain, I have the fondest of feelings for Mr. Drummond and am sad to hear of his passing.  I know "Different Strokes is hardly the only thing Conrad Bain did, but it holds a special pace in my heart.