Monday, January 28, 2013

I am Against Cofftea

So here's the thing.  Coffee is a drink.  It is a totally acceptable drink for many people.  I don't have any moral or ethical objections myself to coffee, I just happen to not like it.  (It smells delicious.  I find I do not enjoy the taste.  Even when laden with chocolate.)  These days lots of places provide a hot water station for the tea drinkers among us.  The thing is, many of these hot water stations are just rinsed out former coffee stations.  The result of making tea in such a station is that you get tea that tastes like coffee.  I tend to carry around large stashes of tea, because fortunately for me I like my tea strong and black and some times three to four tea bags can overcome this.  Sometimes.  Three to four.  The thing that is fascinating about this is most coffee makers have a lovely little hot water tap that just runs the water directly from the water source to the tap, bypassing the coffee making parts that tastes like **cue chorus** water.  It's all these free form pre-filled stations that apparently rotate (and for you coffee drinkers, if I can still taste the coffee in the water, aren't you just getting muddy tasting coffee?  Or is it like a blend?) and can't just keep one marked water to be used for water all the time.  This also applies to every in room hotel drinks making station I have ever encountered, but I consider those bonuses, rather than all the places you go where they charge you several dollars for the cup and then leave it up to chance whether you will get tea or cofftea.