Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do You Hear the People Sing?

My family might be a tad into musicals.  I have memories of my grandparents playing records (yes, records) of "Peter Pan" and "The Sound of Music".  "Annie" was in heavy rotation growing up in our house (although I suspect that was more for my sister and I, not that it isn't a lovely soundtrack the first thousand times.) The cast album to "Les Miserables" arrived in our house and we listened as a family and separately, such that I had much of it memorized by the time we went.  We went as an almost whole family early on.  (My brother was pretty little the first time so he stayed home.)  And then there was the listening.  The many many times of listening. Oh, and I had the songbook and played it on the piano. (Um, yes, it is a wonder my family put up with this.  Although I would argue that was better than the time one of my siblings bought the single of KLF's "3AM eternal" and listened to it for a month straight.)
The show came back through town, and this time my brother was older and we all went (though, yes, my brother did issue a warning.)  I believe my family went one more time.  I abstained that time and a neighbor happily went in my place.  (She had never seen it before, and I was happy to let someone else have that experience.) 
I watched the PBS anniversary specials.  (As did much of my family.)  I watched the video of various people singing the duets.  (Oh, if you haven't please go here.  Plus this one is new.  All SFW, assuming videos of people singing are acceptable pastimes where you are.) 
And so, the announcement of a movie has me thrilled.  Sure, I've seen movie musical adaptations that were great and sometimes less so.  But, it seemed like all the bones were there.  And all the trailers and interviews have only increased my hopes here.  So, any guesses what we did Christmas Day?