Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TBR Challenge 2012: The Boys Next Door

Yeah, so, kinda, sorta, accidentally ignored the theme genre this month again.  I read a contemporary YA romance. I mean, technically, it had some suspense, but, yeah, nobody was on the run or anything. 
I had Jennifer Echols' The Boys Next Door sitting in my TBR pile and I recall starting it last year and then apparently I got distracted by something shiny and never made it past the first chapter. 
So, I picked it back up.  It is the story of Lori, who is surrounded by boys. Her mother passed away, leaving her with her dad, her older brother, and, as the title implies next door to three brothers.  So, she gets the guy brain.  But now she's working on being a girl, or being seen as one by Sean, the middle Vader brother.  Except she sidles up to the youngest Vader brother Adam at a party, and since she realizes that means Sean was making out with Adam's girlfriend out front, they decide to try fake being together to make everyone jealous. 
You probably won't be terribly surprised to discover how that turns out, but this book was really enjoyable for having great relationships and interactions.  It's told in first person and yet I totally got the family, and the sibling dynamics and even the parental reactions.