Monday, October 08, 2012

In Which the Internet Helps People be Lovely

There is a lot of discussion about how easy it is to trash people on the internet.  But, I think what gets less air time is that the internet can also assist people banding together in good ways. 
Someone posted a picture on Reddit of a woman with a beard.  Quite quickly commenters, and it turned out the subject herself showed up to explain how this was a photo of a Sikh woman, and that part of their religious observance is to not change the superficial things about the body that they have been given, instead to appreciate it.  Go, read her much more eloquent statement. This ended with the original poster apologizing and hopefully a few people learning a little more.
And in one of those things I like to believe only happen in movies, a girl was nominated to homecoming court as a joke.  Because she's so not popular.  The guy who was picked with her withdrew.  But her town created a Facebook support page and rallied around her, with folks offering to buy her dress, dinner, help get her hair done and residents offering to fill the stands wearing her favorite color in a show of support.