Monday, July 09, 2012

What's in an EBook?

Once upon a time, I tried to order a gift certificate on line.  I was offered the choice of having the certificate mailed to me (or the recipient) for a small shipping an handling fee or having it emailed, for the same small shipping and handling fee.  I was annoyed.  I know a person  is probably involved in overseeing this process, but I was annoyed at being charged the same amount for something printed and mailed as for something emailed. 
I think this is how a lot of people feel about ebooks. They don't get printed, assembled, or shipped.  So, what am I paying for anyway.  Obviously there is still an author and hopefully an editor, there are cover artists, and other people who do things.  So, I found this article that talks a little about the process.  I had also read (in a restricted article that I cannot link to, sadly) that ebook, due to the variety of formats require additional quality checks, since they may render differently on different devices.  So, do I think I should be paying hardback prices for ebook, certainly not.  But, there are still lots of people working to make my reading experience happy.