Monday, July 16, 2012

Presented With Caveat

So, we've all been there.  You are sitting on the coffee shop, the metro, the sidewalk, a cocktail party, and near you a conversation breaks out.  A conversation between two people who are at odds.  About each other.  And, well, if you are me, you are both fascinated and yet sad.  Other people's relationships, and discussions thereof, and my opinions of your relationship (which, are of course tempered by the fact that I am only getting a glimpse of your life in an unflattering moment). And sometimes it gets uncomfortable enough that I want to leave, but also, despite the fact that for whatever reason you are having this discussion in public in earshot of all of the rest of us, makes me want to pretend I cannot hear, even as I listen closely. 
And sometimes you are there with a friend and you can try to subtly catch their eye and suppress giggles/horror/etc.  Or you can recount it later to others.  Or, in this day and age of social media, you can live tweet it to your followers.  (Who might then retweet it to their friends, and so on.)
So, the title of my post is because, I am also a trained sex ed teacher, and I cannot, in good conscience, send you to this link without the following note.  (Spoiler averse may link and come back.  Or, since honestly, I won't be able to tell, you can all do that.  Or not.)  There is a reference to the morning after pill and in this discussion.  I realize that this conversation took place in Britain, but this is not a slang issue, so much as confusion.  I am aware that health care in UK covers things that our health care often does not.  Nonetheless, the pill referred to as the morning after pill, is emergency contraception.  So, if a female has had contact with sperm without some form of contraception (or with insufficient contraception) this acts as essentially a high level dose.  If the female in question is already pregnant, due to either prior contact or the, shall we say, swift moving nature of such things, it will not end the pregnancy.  And since I'm just a random internet person, no matter what I say, I'm going to link to Planned Parenthood's page about it. 
So, now that I've got that off my chest,  that was some fight, huh?