Monday, February 27, 2012

My Grandmother Is Pleased

Update: Not long after posting this I realized I had remembered this wrong, so now it has been corrected.

There is a story my mother likes to tell about going to see "The Sound of Music" in the theater. My grandparents lived part of their life in Vermont where the Von Trapps lived after moving to the US, so there was a particular interest in this story.  My grandparents where also huge fans on musicals, so that didn't hurt either.  My mother was a teenager at this point, so while she attended the movie with my grandmother and my grandmother's friend, my mother and her friend sat a few rows away.  But they were close enough to hear the sighs that erupted when Christopher Plummer first appeared on screen, in the role of Baron Von Trapp.  And they were close enough to hear my grandmother's friend whisper, "He's looking at me." To which my grandmother whispered back, "Oh no, he's looking at me."
My grandmother will celebrate her own centennial this year, and she is experiencing some challenges these days.  But she is certainly quite pleased that the Academy has finally seen fit to recognize the lovely Mr. Plummer.