Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's All Eat Cake

Back in the day, I did one of those buy a bunch of albums for a tiny amount in exchange for buying a few at regular price later that were so prevalent. One of the albums I bought was a Bill Cosby one.  I listened to it many times.  It included the piece on giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast, where he points out that he knew they were trying to take advantage but he also thought about the ingredients of cake - eggs, milk, wheat, and well, these things sounded like what people eat for breakfast.  He later gets busted by his wife and the kids all deny that it was their idea. (Link to a video of this here.)
But it turns out that studies have shown that Mr. Cosby was right.  Having cake for breakfast, or even with your breakfast, is a great idea. Several things interest me about this.  First, this study was between breakfast eaters, so it isn't comparing not eating breakfast to eating any breakfast. Second, the total daily calories were the same in both groups, so it truly was looking at having dessertness in the morning, rather than anything else.  (So, it does make me wonder if at some point the breakfast dessert eaters reach a point where the joy of cake for breakfast loses it's shiny and you stop thinking, no I'm good, I had cake for breakfast and start thinking that cake for breakfast was hours ago, gimme more!)  Also, these folks were otherwise on a low-carb diet, so it kind of - to me at least - proves once again that moderation is better.  It's not terrible to attempt low carb if you get to have a piece of chocolate cake every day.
But in the end, I hope someone has told Mr. Cosby (and his wife) that he was right.