Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Irene

Well, Irene smacked the East Coast this weekend, she was fairly nice to the DC area, but I imagine that all depends what side of the power grid (or downed tree) you are standing on.  And, of course, other areas were not quite as well treated by the storm.  I made a tactical error, in that I did not plan ahead well enough for the week of the hurriquakeapocolypse and had some essentials that needed to be purchased this weekend.  (The fruit snacks and cheddar bunnies were a bonus.)  I know better. So, this is how I found myself at Giant Friday evening, which on a normal Friday is pretty hopping.  I tried to take a picture of the line, but it didn't really do it justice.  I have a water filter and empty bottles, so did not need water  - which was good because reports were trickling in that morning that it was out across town.  I held myself to the express lane limit because I have just me (well, and my cat) to feed, so really just need a few things. 
The lines were insane.  Every register was open, additional express lanes had been opened.  The lines were still stacked to the end of each aisle.  I got in the self-checkout line because I figure four express registers was better odds (although sometimes lines lead to the self checkout newbies who don't know what button to press next.) I confess, I peeked at the college kids in front of me who seemed to have an overflowing basket.  It turns out they had four whole rotisserie chickens, and some side dishes, so twelve things, just some of which were very big.  In the insanity I probably wouldn't have made a big deal either way, but I might have festered. 
The line was long, but moved fast.  Everyone seemed to be operating a peak efficiency levels (and I was there about seven, so I can only imagine how long those employees had been operating at such levels).  I got through that line in thirty minutes, which, yes, in any other circumstance would be a tragic time, but given the madness seemed quite reasonable to me. 
I still went out and about Saturday, in part because I was planning ahead for a day of nothing on Sunday.  (I also charged all the things.)  I was sad that Columbia Heights Day/DC State Fair had to be postponed, although hopefully the new date will have better weather.  (Also, this means all the competitions are back open, hint, hint.)