Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Advice For Fictional Twins

So, in noticing that this fall our TV's will be offering both "The Lying Game"  and "Ringer" in which twins are mistaken for, well, their twin, I thought I would offer some advice.  I am not a twin, but as a fan of a cheesy movie or two about twins, in addition to considering myself somewhat well read on the subject of twins, I feel qualified to discuss this.  (Yes, those are all fictional twins.  Yes, I do know real life twins.  But my expertise is in the subject of fictional twins.) 
1. No matter how close you thought you and your twin were, she* has a deep dark secret she has failed to tell you. 
2. Someone in your twin's life will immediately recognize you as an imposter.  If this person is also tall, dark, handsome and single, this may be your love interest.  (Congrats!)
3. Someone will hate you (or really, your twin) for no apparent reason. 
4. You will invariably screw up - because your twin has gone vegetarian without telling you, or because you forgot your twin hated or loved something that you don't.  It's okay, cover well.  Most people do not assume you are not who you say you are. (In fact, it helps if you have failed to tell lots and lots of people that you even have a twin.)
5. It's a good idea to gather a band of allies with skills in things like hacking and protection. 
6. Oh, right, that's because part of your twin's deep dark secret, will likely put your life in danger.  (I know.  She should have warned you.)
7. If you have a twin sense, do not rely on it too much. Those things always seem to go on the fritz when the bad guys show up.

*It always seems to be female twins who play these games.  Come on, somebody, where's the story about the guy masquerading as his brother?