Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Take My Anthem

I think the "Star Spangled Banner" gets a bad rap.  Yes, it is vocally challenging.  Yes, it has words that require some thought.  But, it's not like we want it to sound like a Eurovision song contest entry.  Also, the people who tend to have the most trouble, are often people who had months to prepare.  (And who's jobs involve, you know, memorizing things.)
However, I came across Christine Lavin a few years ago when searching for something for a character soundtrack and adore her.  (Seriously, go check out "Happydance".) So, combine the Post's Mr. Weingarten and Ms. Lavin in making the Bill of Rights (which, by the way, "It's Academic" kids, was not written by King John) into a catchy little tune, well, I must say, I am intrigued.
"Here's to us, let's not screw it up."

H/T to ALOTT5MA for the link.