Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Linkety Link

Here is a link list of things I am too lazy (busy, tired) to talk much about.
A fascinating look at the depiction of relationships in "Twilight: Eclipse". (It applies to the movie version, but since I've only read the book, I found it still very applicable.)

One person ponders about the increasing suckage in sports broadcasting.

Some interesting links about "Black Swan" - one wondering why that type of horror gets Oscar buzz, and one wondering if it somehow has a larger than normal age gap in viewers.

And have you ever wondered how law might apply to things like resurrection if superheroes turn out to be real. There's a blog for that.

H/T to the Monkey See blog for the "Black Swan" and sports links. And H/T to the nice person who pointed me to the "Eclipse" link. H/T to ALOTT5MA for the comics law link.