Monday, December 20, 2010

Adventures in Shopping

I did some shopping this weekend, only within walking distance and more of it was for me than anything else. (Not so much presents, but not quite necessities.)
The interesting thing about shopping in the space of a few blocks, is that you run into some of the same people again.
-One woman was shopping with what I'm guessing were her grandkids' parents. I saw her getting frustrated after she asked the guy to go check if they had something. It looked like he was asking if she knew where they kept it. She was frustrated that he wouldn't just know to go ask a store employee. (Later she was trying to get a particular amount of change from the cashier and the cashier politely tried to clarify and got nowhere.)
-There are a lot of dog toys with squeaks. Do dogs care? I feel sure dog owners care.
-I headed towards checkout and then stopped to examine all the trinkets stored near checkout, during which time a guy cruised by. When I arrived at the end of the line he offered to let me go first since I had been there first. I demurred, agreeing that I had stopped to essentially continue shopping.
-Saw an exchange where someone who had visited a shop where another person worked recognized them and politely introduced himself and told her how much they had enjoyed visiting the shop and that they would be back.