Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When the RWA Comes to Town

I guess the best sign of the great time I had is how brain numbingly tired I am now. Wednesday the yarn loving fiction lovers gathered and we went yarn shopping (after a lovely lunch) at two of the local yarn stores. (And I found some yarn I needed too. It was green and/or wool/silk - I'm not sure that I can be held responsible.) I also got to check out some of the Rock Creek Yarn in person, and it is everything those pictures promise. Wow.
The signing was a freaking madhouse. All those people who said the San Francisco one was calm, are totally right. There were authors whose book had sold out in minutes (one tag stated that the author had left to go drinking - hee.) And the line to get out, wrapped along the long side of the huge room and down around the corner.
I had my fangirly moment when I finally located Samantha Graves and then stood in front of her silent. I did recover the power of speech and manage to tell her I was a Wiffer. And that I adored Out of Time.
I ran into some Cherries. (Surprisingly.) I also got Anne Stuart to sign her re-release for me (and stopped and said supportive things to various authors from my chapter or from the Cherries whose stuff I already had). When I told Anne how much I loved Dogs and Goddesses she asked if I had seen Jenny. I had been by, but others were there and since I knew I'd see her later at the Cherry dinner, so I was trying to let others have their time with her. And when I circled back she had left. Anne was kind enough to tell me that's because she was standing right behind me. Talking to Samantha Graves. Oh.
Thursday I helped set up for the luncheon which meant putting books on chairs. (Pretty fun actually.) Linda Howard was a great speaker. The workshop I had planned on attending was packed solid (forgot to get there early) so I went to a signing instead. (So sad. I bought the recordings, so I'll catch up later.)
I lugged the books home and then returned for the Cherry dinner which was yummy, loud and crazy.
Friday I was up and out with the joggers. (Grrr.) The emerging (any minute now) Young Adult chapter met for breakfast. Then I went to Suzanne Brockmann's workshop about breaking the rules. Eloisa James made us all a little teary at the luncheon, then I went to the workshop on Wit, Wisdom and Food in Jennifer Crusie's work - moderated by IASPR President Sarah Frantz. A fellow cherry and I adopted a lovely lady in the lobby, and we all went to dinner together. Also yummy.
Saturday, I made it to the signings, and also to Jenny's workshop on turning points. The fire alarm went off while I was in the bathroom. I have to say I have grown immune and figured I probably had time to finish safely and since the hotel employee came in to use the bathroom while my friend finished din't seem pressed I figured it was okay. Never did find out what set it off. Had lunch and dinner on that side of town before racing back to throw on the party dress and head back for the award ceremony. I was slightly less of a jinx this year, and Anne was fabulous as the emcee. The chocolate after was also good.
Can't wait for Nashville.