Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've had the Shalom Cardigan queued up for a while. So, when the Malabrigo Junkies on Ravelry offered up a knitalong and it just happened I had those 3 skeins from Stitches, well it all seemed meant.
The Shalom cardigan calls for bulky weight, so I used the yarn doubled, which created a neat effect with the variegated yarn. (Attention, pooling haters, here's one solution. I tend not to mind pooling, but also love how this looks.) I decided rather than try to employ, um, math and figure out how much I would need for the) edging (since I was about a skein short) I knit until the Malabrigo worsted until it ran out, and then employed some Manos Cotton Stria that was roaming around my stash for the edging.
After playing around with it, I decided I didn't really like the top button only look on me, so I single chained some strips, and utilized the instructions from Festive (Knitty) to make some frog closures.
Shalom Cardigan 2