Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gigi as a Cowl

I started making another Gigi scarf with my stash club yarn about a year ago. It seemed like a great portable project until I realized that knitting navy blue yarn requires specific lighting conditions that most restaurants, coffee shops and airplanes do not typically have. So, it became at at home project. And then I realized that the beaded yarn was shorter than the non-beaded yarn and I had not accounted for that (I was switching up every two rows, the colors are a smidge off, but in most light you cannot tell at all). It was totally my error and probably I had a plan for this last year, but I have no idea what it was now. So, it sat. And finally I decided - a cowl. So, I did the icord bind off, and then picked up stitches and did a three needle bind off to seam up the ends.
Sparkly Cowl 1
Sparkly Cowl 2