Thursday, May 04, 2006

Things People Should Know #2

I found this on Wasted Blog - Men Glued To Toilet Seats At Wal-Mart, Denny's. Now, since they both took place in Maryland, and the first was April 1st, it seems we have a prankster and a copycat. But, as the author pointed out - don't people look down before getting on a public toilet seat?

I understand in your own home, you have an understanding of the people who use the seat and the normal state it remains in (which is why it is no fun to stumble in in the middle of the night to discover the seat has been left up and your butt is now wet, but I digress).

But you have know such knowledge in a public restroom, because it's public. All sorts of people use it every day. They have different standards of cleanliness, continence abilities, food stuffs and cigarettes. Now, I don't personally feel the need to Lysol the seat before I sit on it and goodness knows finding covers (should you choose to use them) is a crapshoot (sorry). But, don't you glance at it? Make sure there's nothing on the seat? And I admit, I had not previously thought to scan for glue, but I figure as I check for other things that I am wiping off before I sit - I figure I will catch glue. (Sadly the story does not provide a better visual for how easily detectable the glue on this seat should have been.)

So, now you know - check before you sit.