Friday, May 26, 2006

Knitting is Cool! Really

I had a book with all sorts of toys and crafts as a child. So at some point I did learn how to knit. I only knew the one stitch (although as it turns out there's mainly two, so I was halfway there). This fell by the wayside since the book only contained basic instructions for making a scarf and I didn't really wear scarves, and I think I started in the middle of the summer so it went into pile of other discarded things.

Well, as an adult I now know a few people who knit. (I come from a crafty family, sewers, needlepointers, quilters and the like, but I am not aware of any knitters). And it looked like something I was ready to try again, and it appealed to the natural multi-tasker in me. So, I started with Knitting and Crocheting for Dummies, discovered fabulous stuff on the web such as Knitty and now I am an addict.

I have spent plenty of money on all kinds of yarn, have three projects at any given time in different stages of completion, and I often have trouble leaving the house without yarn. (It used to be a book, even if I was going to a movie, I wanted the book just in case, now I have a bigger purse so I can bring a book and yarn.)

And I have finished some things too. Scarves - I started by saying I had no intention of trying to make clothes, this was solely for entertainment and relaxation, but like so many vows, that has already disappeared. Purses - I have finished a few. I made a shrug. And right now I have a bag, a purse, and a blanket in various stages. And I'm about to start something else. But more on that later.