Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stop Whining About the Oscars

Yeah. I'm a hypocrite. Because I want to move on from the Oscars, and yet I am writing about the Oscars, thereby perpetuating the discussion. But here's the thing. From my perspective this was one of the few years in recent history that I would have been happy with any of the nominated movies winning Best Picture. How often does that happen? (Not often let me tell you. I'm still bitter about stupid "Titanic".) So why are all thee people all upset about "Crash"?

I enjoyed "Crash". I think it hopefully got people to look a little at themselves, but even if it didn't it was a well crafted movie with an excellent ensemble. (Hey any movie that can make me not totally itch every time Ryan Phillipe is on screen is doing something right.) And because the Academy Awards, like several other in the insane awards train, do not have an ensemble award, it was unlikely to score an acting award.

But now everyone wants to say it had to be prejudice that had "Crash" winning over "Brokeback Mountain". (Which I find a bit ironic, but there you go.) First, "Brokeback Mountain" won several awards, including Best Director.

And by the way, why is there almost no attention on the fact that Ang Lee was not only the first Asian to win Best Director he was also the first non-white. First. Think about that for a moment.

Why isn't it equally plausible that because there were five good movies nominated, the race was tight. Or maybe it really was down to "Crash" and "Brokeback Mountain" and the votes tipped a little bit one way for director and the other way for the picture. Both movies won for Best Screenplay (original and adapted) - how is it that hard to imagine that the two top stories should have been neck and neck for what turned into the best movie?

And "Brokeback Mountain" won a ton of awards. It's not like all these people are going to have empty shelves. So, why are we still talking about it?