Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Adoption Discrimination

I am so saddened by this. I recognize that the Catholic church doesn't support homosexuality. And I know that all of us come to places in or lives where we have to prioritize our beliefs. We have to make decisions about what things we have to draw the hard line on, even (or especially) when it means limiting our ability to do something else of importance.

But this saddens me. The Catholic church believes that the creation of life is a sacred thing that should not be interfered with, hence their position on abortion and birth control of all kinds. The reality is there are children who need homes.
And due to the above, the Catholic Church cannot address this through birth control (there is of course the option of better sexual decisions, which the Catholic Church is of course addressing, but their solutions their are a bit limiting also). So,
there is adoption. And in the state of Massachusetts, qualified adults who are homosexual may adopt children.

The Catholic Church has requested that when their current contract with the state ends, the new contract allow them continue to provide adoption assistance without having to place children with homosexuals. Now, I am all for people having and
adhering to religious beliefs. But people of faith (myself included) also need to recognize that when acting in partnership with the government, you have to abide by the law. Just as Habitat for Humanity provides homes for all people who need
them, I think the Catholic Church has two choices. Accept that when working for the state, you have to abide by the rules of the land, or stop working for the state, at least in that capacity.

Because - as US Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts pointed out, the real issue here is that these kids get good homes. We are sadly not in a place where children are being fought over. There are not long lists of parents hoping to take these children in. This is not a time to pick and choose which anti-discrimination laws you want to follow.