Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tea for Me

Have I mentioned that I love tea? Perhaps not. Well, I know coffee is supposedly the thing, and I really wish I liked it, but I don't. But I have always loved tea. I'm a big fan in particular of black teas, but in the last years or so have been branching out into white and red teas. (I am not a huge fan of green teas.) So, in the last few months I have discovered and/or happened on some things that have made my tea loving heart thoroughly excited.

First, I was informed of this fabulous store, Teavana. It's awesome. They have all kinds of tea, they have great samples, they encourage mixing for even more flavor possibilities, and it's the kind of place where they don't look at you funny if you ask to smell the tea.

Then, I was online and discovered there is tea liqueur. That is so cool! Now this is actual alcoholic tea, not to be confused with the tea terminology that refers to the liquor of a tea - as in its flavor and color. Now the only one I am currently aware of is Qi, which is currently available only in California so I will have to dream of it for a while yet.

And then, I hear that they will be releasing iced tea packets in the same vein as the Crystal Lite packets. I love this idea that I can carry around packets and when I'm out somewhere and want something that's not a soda but is more exciting than water I can buy water and voila! But so far all these packets have been for fake
sugar drinks (so fingers crossed, that is not the plan for the iced tea packets). And while I respect everyone's right to their fake sugar drinks, I personally want to enjoy my sugar. If I wanted to drink something healthy I wouldn't be drinking soda or lemonade or whatever anyway, right?

So - good news for all us tea lovers out there!