Monday, February 13, 2006

Stupid Cupid

Okay - I swear this is not coming from a bitter single (hey! being single does not automatically make me bitter), but I am so ready for Valentine's Day to just go away. I have no problem with a randomly assigned date being put aside for couples to take time out and celebrate together. (Although it is random, and therefore pretty much meaningless, but certainly you could make that argument about Christmas also).

But, as with so many holidays, the problem comes with the associated commercialism. First off let me say that I have no problem with capitalism. I understand that there are a lot of industries that rely on Valentine's Day to boost their bottom line and all that. But here's the thing. They artificially inflate the prices of all the things they are convincing you to get. Flowers cost gazillions more this week than they did last week or will next week. (The other thing that drives me crazy is one year I ordered something for my mother and they sent it three days early, which would have been fine if I had been consulted, but no. What if she hadn't been there - since the address I gave was based on the expectation that it would arrive on the agreed upon day!) Restaurants trim down their menu - in part because of the increased business - so you have less choice sometimes at higher prices.

(Sidebar again here, I once went out with a friend on Valentine's - it was totally spontaneous on our part so we knew we were in for a long wait, but we watched as a couple was told by the hostess that they would be seated in forty five minutes. When the guy explained that they had a reservation for now, the hostess said yes, she was aware, and they would get seated in forty five minutes. Nice.)

I am in many ways, most incensed by the jewelry ads. I love jewelry. But I am so tired of this suggestion that the only way to demonstrate your love for anyone is through jewelry. I know all advertising is pushy. But the jewelry ads seem so much less subtle - I mean, "Every kiss begins with Kay"? No, it doesn't.

And also I imagine it creates this unnecessary pressure for couples. You have to do something - everyone will ask you what you did for Valentine's Day. And God forbid, you either didn't do anything, or didn't do anything special enough.

So, I am quite happy that soon, this day and all the attendant commercials, and specials and shows, will be over.