Friday, November 04, 2005

Week 9 Picks

*** Detroit - MINNESOTA - The Vikings are riding high but Detroit just lost to another divsion rival so they are mad.
*** San Diego - NY JETS - Yeah.
Tennessee*** - CLEVELAND -Loser bowl. Both teams had crushing losses last week and both want to make up for that this week. But McNair is the guy who knows how to do it (much as I love Trent).
Oakland - *** KANSAS CITY - Hee. Moss is back but KC has home field and an average of 24 points a game.
Chicago - NEW ORLEANS*** - Crazy I know, but the Bears went into OT to hold on to the division lead last week, and I think they have underestimated the inconsistent Saints. And the Saints are going to want to please the home crowd (for real this time).
*** Cincinnati - BALTIMORE - It'll be a tough division game, but Cinci is doing really well right now.
Carolina - *** TAMPA BAY - This game will help break a three way tie for the NFC South, so I'll go with the home team but this will be a hard fought game.
Houston - *** JACKSONVILLE - I'm still a little bitter about those Florida teams all conspiring against me last week, but Houston got their first win last week. They aren't getting number two this week.
*** Atlanta - MIAMI - A big RB battle, but Atlanta's roll may be unstoppable (for now).
NY Giants*** - SAN FRANCISCO - Last week was a fluke.
*** Seattle - ARIZONA - The AZ coach said they have to learn to play better. This should help.
*** Pittsburgh - GREEN BAY - GB's got interception issues, injury issues, running issues, etc. This will not be their week.
Philadelphia - WASHINGTON *** - We got embarassed last week. Loser gets the bottom of the division - it'll be the green guys.
Monday, Nov. 7
*** Indianapolis - NEW ENGLAND - NE is banged up (you know it's bad when stroke boy coming back is the big thing) - they aren't in shape for Indy.