Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Week 3 Picks

Here you go! The benefit of my...whatever. Home teams is in caps.
Sunday, Sept. 25
**ST LOUIS - Tennessee - It'll be close but I think the Rams are ready. Not that hard a pick. 1-0
** PHILADELPHIA - Oakland - Oakland hasn't won yet. I don't this this is their week. Close. 2-0
** Cincinnati - CHICAGO - Last week was Chicago's biggest win in 18 years, I don't think this will be the second one. Yep. 3-0.
**N.Y. JETS - Jacksonville - Jax is riddled with injuries. Well, go Jax! 3-1
**New Orleans - MINNESOTA - It'll be close but I think MN has consistency problems that will continue to plague them. Hmm - apparently not. 3-2
**MIAMI - Carolina - Carolina has injury issues. It was close. 4-2.
** INDIANAPOLIS - Cleveland - Hee. Closer than I thought it would be, but still...5-2.
** BUFFALO - Atlanta - Vick is questionable and the Falcons aren't that good on the road. Oops. 5-3.
** Tampa Bay - GREEN BAY - The battle of the Bays, it will be hard fought, but Tampa's riding high right now. Poor Green Bay. 6-3.
** SEATTLE - Arizona - The Seahawks have found their groove (although hopefully they'll lose it next week) and they aren't going down to a division rival. Oh yeah. 7-3.
** PITTSBURGH - New England - Reliving the playoffs - with a better ending. That's what I'm talking about. 8-3.
**SAN FRANCISCO - Dallas - Crazy but I think the 9ers want it more. Well, not quite like I thought. 8-4.
** SAN DIEGO - N.Y. Giants - Oh yeah. They hate Eli. Yep. 9-4.
Monday, Sept. 26
**Kansas City - DENVER - KC is not losing the division lead. Okay - a little over-estimation on my part. 9-5.
Enjoy your weekend!
Updated 9/27/2005. Overall 1-0-1. (I did not make picks for week 1 - that was my bye.)