Monday, November 20, 2023

The Point is Solidarity

I remember someone once asking why anyone would protest a seemingly correctly elected politician. I responded that protest has many purposes and sometimes it is to say, I am here, I disagree, this is not okay. 
I read a book once about a second child of g-d appearing on earth, and found part of what was fascinating about it was things like, now she would go on talk shows. Her third grade teacher and her first boyfriend would both write memoirs. 
And sometimes, because I have a writer brain that can't help but wonder, I wonder what would happen if World War II was now. Because social media has changed the speed of info, the ability of governments to provide the only info their citizens have. 
And of course, I don't really need to move past atrocities to the present, because, we actually have enough current atrocities. 
People have been protesting all across the world. Asking for change, even when their country's leaders have tried to tell them what's going on is okay.
And these are the things that give me hope as we enter a week where in the US we celebrate a political gathering of folks trying to negotiate cohabitating on the same continent. 
There have always been people pushing for more peace. It can be hard to see it when you only look at what the world leaders say. But there are many of us. 
May your week bring food, friends, family, and whatever relaxation you are able to carve out. 
And if you want to call your electeds so your message will be waiting when they return, you can do that too.