Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Freezing Summer

A friend of mine once talked about freezing cubes of pesto so that in the winter she could have the taste of summer. I confess I buy tons of berries in summer, when they are plentiful and often on sale, and freeze them. 
And last week I made a lemon coconut butter mochi that turned out perfectly, and I'm freezing some of that too. 
I like to have some soup or cooked beans in the freezer. To stock up for moments when you just cannot face cooking. 
And I usually have some frozen dumplings in there too. As a mostly vegetarian, it has recently become much easier to find delightful dumpling recipes that have more interesting fillings than fake meat. (I am not against fake meat. But I am much more interested in a variety of veggie fillings.) 
Last summer I froze some dumplings with a corn tomato filling. They were a delightful treat one winter day. 
Global production means we can certainly find many things out of season, but I find particular delight in getting things in season, and storing them up for a treat later.