Monday, June 05, 2023

My Tonys Prep

Last I heard, the ways and means of the Tonys broadcast was still being negotiated with the WGA. Currently I am expecting to catch up to the Tonys later this year, myself. 
However, even as someone who has not been in New York in the last year, there are some things one can do to get ready
Also, no reason not to do my one sentence describe a show badly thing.
"Some Like It Hot" - Girls train trip!
"Shucked" - Corny love. 
"& Juliet" - Okay, but what if Juliet got a happy ending.
"New York, New York" - There are so many songs about New York. 
"Kimberly Akimbo" - She looks old, but she's a teen. In the 1990's. (Yes, I am aware that's two sentences. But for those of us old enough to recall the 1990's, I just wanted you to be aware that this is where a Tony nominated historical musical is set. You're welcome.)
Leopoldstadt - Nazis ruin everything.  
Fat Ham - Hamlet at a BBQ.
Cost of Living - Being disabled is expensive. 
Between Riverside and Crazy - Rent control is important.
Ain't No Mo - What if the Black Americans just left? 
Worth noting that if you live somewhere with local theater, many of these plays worked their way through regional theaters.  Sometimes it feels like you miss out on things until much later if you aren't in New York, but I know two of these plays had runs here in DC.  
And well, now more regional theaters will put these things on.  Live theater is cool like that.  

If your favorite part about the Tonys is some number that mashes up a bunch of Broadway references, might I suggest "Great Performances 50", which includes a number mashing up all the musicals from the 2000's so far.

And if you like the performances, one of these had Tiny Desk concerts where they performed four songs: 
(These are all Youtube links, some of which will make you watch an ad or two first.)
Kimberly Akimbo at NPR Tiny Desk
Independently Owned from "Shucked".
Also this Ham4Ham has folks from both "Shucked" and "Some Like it Hot" 
This Ham4Ham has folks from the nominated revivals, and "& Juliet", which I think provides a sense of the energy of "& Juliet". It also includes a performance from "New York, New York." 

Also several have performed on morning shows. It's worth noting, with all due respect to the sound folks at the talk shows, that talk shows often have to set up sound quickly, so the mix is sometimes less ideal, but it at least gives you a taste. 

And, because the modern era is amazing, all of the nominated cast albums are available at your music platform of choice.  

I realize this post does not give proper attention to plays, but plays are great. Things that get nominated often get put on regionally if you are not in New York, so it's worth perusing this list so that when they show up near you, you can be ready.