Monday, April 03, 2023

Thank You Past Me

Author Alethea Kontis talked about building a habit of thanking your past self. Two weekends ago I bought a dessert cookbook. (Mayumu - I love it.)
Last weekend I had the ingredients to make the Horchata Bibingka and the Adobo Chocolate Chip Cookies, and even though that was a lot of sweets, even for me, I went for it. 
Because it was a lot of desserts, I made all the bibingka, but froze half immediately. (I've frozen butter mochi successfully before, the ingredients are very similar, if you've frozen cake, same process.)
I thought about halving either or both recipes, but the bibingka uses a can on coconut milk, and the cookies used 1 egg, plus one yolk, so both were tough to halve.
I made the cookie dough. I used a scoop to place the dough in appropriate amounts onto the baking tray. As tray 1 was baking, I prepped tray 2, and then carried on scooping onto some wrap, which I then sealed up and tossed in the freezer. After eating some of this throughout the week, I reached the end of premade cookies. 
And so I tossed a few frozen dough balls onto a baking stone and fired up the oven. First, it meant I got to smell cookies baking again. So good job, past Tara. 
Also, I had used a metal tray before, but this time used a baking stone, and the stone might work better for me. 
Also, I got to eat warm cookies. This really is great.
Now, I live with a cat who has no interest in people food. (I don't like her food either, or, I imagine I wouldn't, so we are even.)
If you live with other people who consume baked goods, you may have to make more to get to a place where some can be saved for later.
And there isn't always time or ingredients for that.
But if you can, or if this solves the this thing makes 18 servings and I am just not that hungry today problem, maybe do this. And then you too can thank your past self.