Thursday, February 23, 2023

Three Plus Three Interesting Things

I missed last week's post due to, well some ongoing ennui, so have some more interesting things.  
1. In light of discussions this week about what is or isn't sexual content, it's worth noting that PEN America tallied picture books that have experienced multiple challenges.  (It's worth noting that none of these picture books have or depict any sex.)
2. This article I found helpful as it looked into what is and really isn't yet known about the Ohio derailment
3. And here's an update on one of the water crises in Hawai'i.   
4. Michigan State Alumna Jemele Hill has something she would like more than thoughts, in light of the campus shooting.  
5. And this look into the life in a restaurant after viral success is fascinating.  
6. And well, speaking of illicit materials, researchers looking at artifacts found near Hadrian's wall have decided to reclassify one that had previously been logged as a darning tool, as a dildo.  (Note, there is a picture, so um, proceed accordingly.)