Monday, January 16, 2023

Mantras and Sayings

There's an episode of "A Different World" where Whitley is sent to therapy. The therapist, played by Debbie Allen, tells her to, "Relax, relate, release" and there are accompanying arm motions. It's played for laughs as later Whitley is making these motions, trying to stay composed and have the conversation she needs to have. 
It's silly, but I have sometimes found myself chanting that and doing the arm motion. I love thinking about things. I have an inner monologue. I love to ruminate about things, tweak them and replay them in my head. But sometimes, you gotta stop. Or sometimes the loop cannot be closed because there's a piece of info you don't have yet. So as much as you try to pre-think and pre-plan you can't.
As a result I sometimes yell at my brain, "New brain thoughts!" It is a similarly silly feeling, but treating my brain like an out of control committee member who needs to be reminded that we have an agenda, even if the current agenda is sleep, or read a fun book, sometimes helps. Or is at least silly enough to distract me a bit. It probably needs an arm motion too.