Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Thinking a Lot About Clothes

I am doing the 100 day challenge. This is not really promo, I like the dress and the company offering this so far, but there are variations of this (10 x 10, project 333, etc) that I have been meaning to try for a while. 
There are various studies that most of us wear a small portion of our closet. That we tend to machine wash more frequently than we need to. And that honestly, most people don't remember what you wore yesterday anyway. 
One of the things trying to wear the same dress for 100 days has shown me is how lazy I've gotten about spot cleaning. Or hanging up stuff that I wore that day. 
I also have reached a point in my life where I have plenty of clothes that fit, but I don't wear.
Or I do, but then they go in the laundry and the laundry piles up and I forget they exist. I hate getting rid of things that work, but also if I have more things than I can keep track of, then it isn't really helpful. 
I'm still in the early days of this, and so may find as I run out of leggings, and scarves, and necklaces to accessorize with, my interest in this wanes. Okay, I won't actually run out of scarves. But we shall see. 
I think whether you do this officially or just on you're own, there's something to the ease of knowing just what I'll be wearing tomorrow.