Monday, November 22, 2021

Thanks and Things

I told someone last week I often enjoy working the day after Thanksgiving. This comes with many caveats. I do not mean retail. While I have worked retail, I have managed to avoid peak shopping stuff from that side of the counter. 

No, I mean office type jobs. Places where having someone nominally there is useful, but much of the normal things are quieter. I often got my email sorted and got to all the things that days with conference calls and team IM's meant I couldn't focus on. And because it was a weekday, I got two days of non-work after.

This week can be about food or not. Family and friends or not. Gathering with others or not. 

The roots of the focal holiday has its roots in two disparate groups navigating how to coexist peacefully and figuring they might as well eat while they discussed that.

Food can be both necessary and a wonderful demonstration of love, and so holidays that center food also often center gathering in groups. 

I am grateful this year for many things, even as I adjust to the newer holes in my life.

Vaccines, family and friends both near and far, those willing to work with me to gather in ways that are comfortable and safe for us all, for books (so many delightful books), and for my cat who has proven a wonderful companion both pandemically and not. Also my writing mojo which got a lovely jumpstart from NaNoWriMo. There's more, of course. 

I hope whatever shape your week takes, you find some space to do and/or be something you are grateful for.