Monday, October 25, 2021

7 Things About Time Travel and the Multiverse

One of my accidental reading trends this year has been time travel and/or multi verses. Now I watched, well, multiple episodes of "The Flash" before deciding that Iris deserved better and also if the theme was going to be: messing with the multiverse is bad, oops, I messed with the multiverse again, then I was out. 
(I am fickle.)
I also find, that as with things like vampires and zombies, that the less time spent on the what, time travel can't be real...OMG, I think time travel is real part, the better. Because while yes, the discovery can tell us something about the character, if the reader already knows it's real, watching them fight it, bogs the story down. 
1.  I'm not saying everyone who time travels should be trusted implicitly. But if someone shows up and says, please be cautious around this person and maybe don't go here, you should consider being cautious. 
2. If someone gives you a letter from the future, read it right away. Do not hang onto it for like three weeks. 
3.  Anyone who you can't tell about time travel cannot solve your time travel conundrums. Do not torture your friends and family with hypothetical that are missing all the pertinent data. 
4.  There are no changes you can make to the trajectory of your life or anyone else's that won't have ripple effects. 
5.  If you die in one spot to try to reawaken in another, it seems worth noting that the people in the one place will think you are dead. It may be worth it for your larger purpose, but let's not pretend this is a consequence free choice. 
6. Telling people how they die is only useful if they can do something to alter it. Telling someone they will die of something there are no tests for yet is kinda mean.
6. I feel like the TL:DR version of this is stop fucking with the multiverse. Except of course I keep reading about people fucking with the multiverse, so at least be interesting when you do it.