Monday, September 13, 2021

Questions I Have Not Seen White Writers Asked

And yes, every one if these is based on a real question I have seen an author asked. 

1. Do you always think you'll write about white people, or are you interested in other kinds of characters too?
2. I know you've said you write the stories you wish you'd had growing up, and that's great. Do you think non-white people can find something for themselves in your work?
3. I really enjoyed reading your work. If I wanted to learn more about white people, do you have any other recommendations?
4. There's another white writer that I know of, have you met them?
5. I've adopted a white child, do you have any recommendations for things I could do or not do in raising them?
6. My child is marrying someone who is white, do you think she will enjoy your work?
7. I teach a lot of white students, but they aren't sure they want to read your work. What should I tell them?
8. I didn't always understand all the references in your book. Do you know where I can go to learn more about white culture?
9. I was reading yesterday about these white bank robbers. Have you considered writing a story on that?