Monday, August 09, 2021

7 Things I (Re)Learned From the Olympics

1. Some days, no matter how hard you trained, no matter how many accolades you have already gotten, you cannot get all the things to work the way you want on the day you want. 
2. After you've done a very hard thing, it's normal to collapse in a heap for a bit.
3. Sometimes your very best day aligns with someone else's very best day. Sometimes that means incredible success. And sometimes that means people asking did you mind only getting the bronze even though you were faster than the world record that was on the books. 
4. People who are not you are very sure they know your future (This is probably her last Olympics...). You don't have to listen to them. 
5. There are only three medal winners but between personal bests, country, and continent records, there are lots of ways to measure excellence. 
6. Sometimes finishing really is achievement enough. 
7. Sometimes sharing the win is cooler than duking out who was the tiniest bit better.