Thursday, June 17, 2021

Three Interesting Things

1. I was pointed to this post from March, that includes a delightful chart (my heart!) about easy ways folks who have made a name for themselves with a culture not their own can make solidarity a part of their everyday.  Equally applicable to others looking for ways to be more than just a social media ally. 
2. If you heard about this story and thought, Tara is putting this in her ideas file, you are correct.  A woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating right before a planned trip.  Meeting the other woman, they decided why let a good trip go to waste.  Woman let boyfriend know at the airport about the plan change, leaving him to figure out where to stay and all that on his own.  (Also, I have mixed feelings about vaccinated folks engaging in tourism to places where vaccine access is low so I am choosing to believe that this trip happened in the before.  Your mileage on that may vary.) 
3. DC, in addition to having a Council, has ANC's that handle issues for a hyperlocal area.  The ANC that is primarily occupied by the city jail has been vacant, but thanks to a recent election, is now occupied.