Saturday, May 29, 2021

In the Public Eye - #RomBkLove

One of the things that fascinates me as the internet and other forms of social media create new ways for a person to be a public figure, is the many ways that fiction has begun to reflect that. There's a song about how everyone in a small town is famous. Right now we have celebrities, people who are famous on just one app, and well everything in between.

In thinking about this, it occurred to me my initial fascination with this was a book I read as a teen - Ellen Emerson White's White House Autumn. It was the sequel to The President's Daughter, the title of which is a spoiler. But we follow Meg as she has to move to DC and attend school where now her mom is president, and she has secret service agents, and how do you even date when you have a secret service agent?

Those books appear to be only available in kindle form these days. But there are still plenty of stories about falling in love and also navigating being a public persona.

Meow Or Never by Jazz Taylor - Bookshop link Now this is a middle grade and you might be like Tara, we are talking romance, but trust me, Avery has a huge crush and also some social anxiety which means she has barely been able to talk to Nic her crush. But Avery discovers a cat in the closet at school and sings to it, and now Nic wants Avery to audition for the school play. Exactly as cute and angsty as you might imagine.
Content notes: Depiction of panic attacks, references to off page child abuse.

Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala - Bookshop link. Raffy has a streaming channel where he details his cosplay work. So now he's entered a huge cosplay competition, and it looks like his ex-boyfriend has teamed up with his main competition.
Content notes: Depiction of panic attacks, some parental biphobia, and manipulative parenting

I'll Be the One by Lyla Lee - Bookshop link - Skye is entering a K-Pop reality show taking place in the US. She's fat, and she knows she'll have to extra wow the judges (and her mom) to convince folks she should win and she will not be distracted by a very cute boy. Who is maybe also kinda famous.
Content notes: fatphobia directed at main character, some depiction of social media abuse.

Now That I've Found You by Kristina Forest - Bookshop link - Evie was set to break out and be the next big star in her family like her grandmother, until an ex-friend posts an embarrassing video on social media. Evie has a plan to get back into Hollywood's good graces, she just needs the help of her now reclusive grandmother. Except that not long after she arrives, her grandmother disappears. Now she needs the help of the very annoying even if he is maybe cute Milo. The Love Study by Kris Ripper - Bookshop link - Declan agrees to go on Sydney's You Tube advice show to get dating advice. Except that, eventually, it becomes pretty clear that Declan really wants to date Sydney.
Content notes: Depiction of panic attacks. (Yes, I am realizing I have a second theme here.)

Something to Talk About by Meryl Wilsner - Bookshop link - A showrunner and her assistant make a bit of a splash when pictures of them looking cozy on the red carpet make them look like a couple. They aren't of course. But maybe they wish they were?
Content notes: Depictions of workplace sexual harassment, discussions of racism in Hollywood.

Quick note, if musicians are your fave fictional public people (a totally valid choice) - you may want to go check out the Day 13 post for #RomBkLove Now I had to hold myself back from flooding this list with more. What are your favorite falling in love when everybody is looking at you stories?