Thursday, February 18, 2021

Three Interesting Things

1. I have not watched "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" this season, but this interview with John Clarence Stewart looks at the preparation they did for the recent episodes where they attempt to depict how large corporations address issues of racism when the time comes to confront them. 
2. This piece looked thoughtfully at the limits of the lunchbox moment for immigrant kids, and touched on something that having grown up in a school that - while still white dominated - had more than one kid of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  (Full disclosure, we all ate cafeteria food.) That a lot of fiction still focuses on the only Asian American kid in school.  Or the kid who is embarrassed by their food, and that just as representation can be empowering, having the only representation feel different than your experience can feel alienating.    
3. This piece looks at the lasting cultural impact of the Whitney Houston/Brandy "Cinderella"
The Texas Tribune has a list of warming centers and various folks gathering donations and offering assistance.  In general, if you are not in an area, your best help comes from offering to connect resources, or by sending money not things.  If sending money isn't feasible for you right now, amplifying resources can be a way to assist.