Monday, October 12, 2020

RIP to Cat Bordhi and Annie Modesitt

I talk about knitting a little less on the blog these days, but well, it's been kind of a year. In the early days of things, as I was learning about best knitting tools, I discovered the interchangeables I still use to this day, having tried several others and always come back - the Denise. They had a Cat Bordhi pattern on their website in case you wanted to make a little bag for your needle case. I was intrigued as a little bag was literally the first knitting project I ever finished. I then dug around and found that she was known for moebius things and having accidentally moebiused a thing, I wanted to try doing it intentionally. I think it was at the now defunct yarn store that I encountered an Annie Modesitt book. I bought it. I attempted several things in it. Those of you who have ever done an Annie Modesitt pattern know she does uniquely constructed items, mixing textures, shapes, and such things. Some of these things were a little above my skill level at the time but I didn't really know enough to know that. (Sometimes that's the best way to level up, really.) 
I brought the Gigi scarf pattern to my first knit night. I discovered that navy yarn is a terrible choice for the poor lighting of a sandwich shop so I brought another project the next time. According to my Ravelry page Victory was the third sweater I ever finished. It was bottom up, something I rarely do these days, and had - in addition to some unusual construction - an error. Again, I didn't know enough until another person working on it messaged me and I compared my sweater to the picture. (There is now errata.) I love mine but knit it in alpaca so it has to be very warm.
Cancer took both of them this year which is very rude.
There are other designers I've knit more recently and/or more frequently, but their stamp on the knitting world is clear. Lots of love to their families and friends. It is an especially odd time to grieve.