Thursday, June 04, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. The 9:30 Club is forty years old, and this reminiscence of the original space where I saw many bands that no longer exist made me super nostalgic. It's so hard to explain to folks who only know the new space that there are bands I saw only in glimpses, because if it was packed, you might be pushed back behind the doorframe.
2. I think this post from a neighbor on Swann Street who witnessed much of the action Monday night about trying to explain it to her kid is interesting to read alongside this chat with the author of The End of Policing. Because the idea of who do you call if the people causing the violence on your street are police is something some people have only recently had to confront. But expecting police to solve mental health, homelessness, prevent, and solve crime is really too much too expect.   
3. I have been slowly doling out Meg Cabot's Corona Princess Diaries as a treat to myself.  (I'm still behind, so I assume they are still continuing.  Don't tell me.) Anyway I got to the protestor with the "Let My People Golf" sign which is such a delightful distillation of how privilege folks have been treating virus restrictions.  Scroll back to the beginning and read them all, is my suggestion.