Thursday, May 07, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. I think this interview with Val Kilmer falls into a trap of sorts.  The popular notion of Christian Science is essentially as presented, but as will all faiths there are variations in practice, and quite honestly, believing in being spiritually well to be better positioned to handle physical ailments is not a concept unique to Christian Science.  However, Kilmer's description of his faith is just as important as the specifics of the faith itself, and I do think this interview provides a fascinating look at that.  
2. In addition to some various virtual book fairs that have popped up to replace book tours, various fairs that are typical in person, are going virtual.  Gaithersburg is one such fair.  They are spreading the programming out over several weekends.  
3. This piece on Darren Kriss on how he recognizes that he doesn't read Asian to many people and how he has tried to navigate that was fascinating.