Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Books and Theater: Jitney

Interestingly enough, the three books that came to mind for pairings with "Jitney" were kid books and none of them take place in Pennsylvania.  So, sorry Pennsylvania, my recommendations fall short in that arena.  
Renee Watson's This Side of Home looks at changing neighborhoods through the eyes of two twins who feel differently about what this means.  
Jennifer Dugan's Hot Dog Girl - is a let's fake date so I can be closer to my crush without him noticing story.  But it pairs well with "Jitney" in looking at what the loss of a childhood icon and summer job might mean, along with planning surprises for people who may not be prepared to accept such a surprise.  
Rita Williams Garcia's P.S. Be Eleven is the second in the Gaither Sisters trilogy, is set in the 1960's, so a decade earlier but includes a war veteran adjusting to life back home, substance abuse, and adjusting to a life that changed while you were away.