Friday, July 05, 2019

Revisiting "ER" - Again With This

And then I got to episode 5. Yeah, the thing I had suppressed about "ER" was its generally crappy treatment (no pun intended) of sexually transmitted infections. They generally happen to sluts, girls who like sex and are demonstrably unchoosy in their partners. Their male partners get them because they have made bad decisions, lured in by the siren. I remembered the horrible HIPAA violation episode much later in the series, also involving a male doctor who got involved with a female patient. I had forgotten that a variation of this played out with Carter in the first season, where a girl with sexy poison ivy apparently felt so magically cured by Carter she wanted to test the healing of her sensitive parts right away. 
Also in episode 5, Doug shows up at a patient's home in a move I'm sure I found caring the first time around and now find a little concerning. 
Overall the series is still wonderful. The echoes of how fast every show with medical stuff is now is all over film and TV. But wow, time and perspective don't always make everything better.