Thursday, December 20, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1. I feel for Mahershala Ali here.  As more and more info about the relationship between Don Shirley and his driver, as well as Don Shirley and his family, and the rest of his life outside the limited view that the movie "Green Book" provides, its clear that this is an example of how assuming that you have all the sources you need because you have a family member of one of the people you are portraying, provides a limited picture.  I really hope someone does another movie (or other work) about Done Shirley who seems to have led a very movie worthy life.  
2. Having recently been at a cookie party where these cookies were one of the offerings, I found this article about folks who might not otherwise have time to cook, but finding some comfort in baking interesting. 
3. Come for the compelling headline, stay for the deep look into the social hierarchy of naked molerats.  No wonder Rufus thought living in Ron's pocket was the good life.  Also, this is exactly the kind of locally specific and odd stuff that make me so glad DCist is part of our news-sphere again.