Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tara's Ranking of the "Freaky Friday" Musical Songs

In honor of Disney airing the Disney Channel Original Movie version of "Freaky Friday, I present my ranking of the songs. 
This is based on the theater version. 
None of these songs are bad, and if course many of them are there to do multiple things. So, here we go.   
1. "Oh, Biology" - The one I came home desperate to hear again. So great, Mom realizing that being in a body going through puberty is so hard, no matter how smart or experienced you are at life. 
2.    "Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame" - I originally had this ranked lower and then realized this song made me cry the first eleventy times I heard it and that deserved acknowledgment. 
3.  "I Got This" - The smugness of each character's certainty that the other's life is easy peasy. 
4. "No More Fear" - A wonderful song about realizing that maybe the thing you meant to tell your kids wasn't helpful for the life they had to live.
5.  "Busted" - Mom and daughter realizing things they didn't know about each other's lives. 
6. "Bring My Baby (Brother) Home" - This song asks a lot of the daughter in particular.
7. "Women and Sandwiches" - This song, as the title implies, starts off ridiculous and then ends up making a really inferring point. It's also the first song ranked not featuring out body swapees. 
8. "Parents Lie" - Oh the chance to exert extra authority over your words when talking to your brother. 
 9. "Vows" - Mike, the fiancée gets a chance to be heartwarming. 
10.   "After All of This and Everything" - Daughter gets to be heartfelt as she figures out some of this family stuff in the mom role.
11. "Watch Your Back" - A fun catchy song about the dangers of high school. 
12.  "Not Myself Today" - Mom and daughter are staring to get that it's hard.
13+. Quite honestly the rest of these are all serviceable and fine.  "Prologue",   "Just One Day",  "Go", 
    "The Hourglass" , "The Other Hourglass", "Today and Ev'ry Day".  "What You Got".  Some of you will, I expect be mad that "Go" and "What You Got" didn't get more love. I don't dislike them at all, they are fun, they have a good beat, I enjoy singing along, but these, and the otehr songs, for me at least, their explainer need doesn't overcome the song.