Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Denver Food

I'm giving Denver Food it's own post so I can rave. The following caveats. I only went to two restaurants not in walking distance of the hotel. I'm sure Denver's food scene is far more expansive than this. 
Monday night we went to Cholon, which among other things, has French onion soup dumplings which is a godsend to someone like me with dietary preferences that eliminate most soup dumplings. They were amaze. As was the fish and the tea infused panna cotta I had for dessert. 
Tuesday morning we hit Snooze for late breakfast, practically brunch. I had avocado hollandaise. 
For dinner we went for pizza. It was large enough that I had leftovers and a sales rep from one of the local micro-brews had a long chat with us about the home grown alcohol scene. 
Wednesday (and Thursday) I got hotel breakfast so went for fast easy lunch at the coffee place. 
For dinner, a writer bud had heard about Ophelia's a self described gastro-brothel. It was a gastro-pub with brothel themed decor and live music. The food was great, and we had fun questioning the wait staff on their back stories. 
Thursday night I had that leftover pizza so I could get in line early for the RITAs. Watching the restaurant hotels get slammed with people all descending for food at the same time meant I felt very wise. 
Friday I was searching for food near Tattered Cover and discovered they had an attached restaurant. I had the veggie burger and rosemary parmesan fries at Good Eats. 
And Saturday I had a craving for Tex Mex
So we went to Otra Vez. I had the nachoes and I ate them all.