Thursday, October 26, 2017

Three Interesting Things

1. I watched one the interviews Matt Damon did with Goerge Clooney for their new movie where Harvey Weinstein was brought up and had similar rageful thoughts. Saying someone seemed respectful in front of you without further unpacking why that might be just supports this idea that we can spot predators from afar, that they don't work, lurk, and exist among us. And yeah, I also wondered why three dudes thoughts about a predator who preyed on people not like them was getting airtime. But this post about how we can't have it both ways is spot on.
2. This article about the pages of Tinder data also looks how we about a lot of passive digital collection in our lives. 
3. The headline on this piece got some crap in my corner of the timeline, but the post itself was thoughtful about how knowing things your parents are ready or willing to discuss with you can create a disconnect you don't quite know how to address.