Saturday, July 22, 2017

RIP Mr. Vance

Growing up we watched ABC news usually.  We had a small connection to one of their reporters, so that's just what we did even after that connection broke.  But the elementary school that I and my siblings went to was right next door to NBC4.  My mother worked at that school even after we had all aged out. My brother and I both worked there for a bit.  The school shared the parking lot with NBC, and the security guards would let the teachers come over and make use of the cafeteria. It was also where "It's Academic" was filmed, so I spent a lot of time in the NBC building, at least compared to the other stations in town.
Jim Vance has been a steady presence in the DC news all this time.  Others have moved on to bigger shows, some left and came back, some hopped to new networks.  Jim Vance has been there.  Steady, calm, and just a delightful, reliable reminder of what a good news anchor is. 
I am so mad that cancer took him away from us, even though 45 years of providing news to us at the local news desk is honestly plenty.  I am heartbroken for his family, and colleagues, and know that even those who moved away from DC are sad to know he's no longer holding down that newsdesk. 
Here is my favorite video of him unable to maintain his composure.  Know that it is funnier for it's being the exception.